The brilliant inventor behind the Hydreva structuring water system, Ralph Suddath, joins us once again to talk about his cutting-edge Quantum Med tTch and how they are designed to raise human cell voltage , why this is essential to health and happiness. These are truly some of the most revolutionary advances in wellness technology I have come across. Learn about the Quantum Energy Wellness Bed, the Cognyva Brain machine and the Hydra Sauna with hydroxy vapour steam and the patented zero-point antenna technology that is incorporated into all of them.


  • Discover why the “field” that cells are surrounded by is so important.
  • Gain insights into my mimicking nature when it comes to innovations in technology is so paramount.
  • Understand the relationship between cellular voltage, health and disease.
  • Discover the top 3 things you can do to start getting your health back.
  • Learn about cutting edge quantum technology including the Quantum energy Wellness Bed, The Cognyva Brain machine and the Hydra Sauna with patented hydroxy vapour.
  • Gain insights into the Patented Zero-Point Antenna technology used within these cutting-edge technologies.
  • Learn about our bone crystal and the importance that it plays in longevity and even sagging muscle tissue!
  • Learn some of the powerful similarities between humans and plants.
  • Discover the magic and mystery of water.


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