Sacha Stone joins us on the Inspire Health Podcast to share fascinating medical breakthroughs that are here and available now in the New earth Farmacy. We talk about the importance of reclaiming out sovereignty and disentangling from the parent corporations and being able to invoke our own law into the world.


  • Gain insights into what reclaiming our sovereignty actually entails.
  • Discover fascinating new health breakthroughs from Romania.
  • A message to health care professionals in regard to retaining professional titles and new possibilities.
  • Learn more about how PMA’s may be the parallel health system that we have been waiting for.
  • Look at case studies showing truly amazing results using this new remarkable new technology.
  • Is the age of traditional antibiotics coming to an end and making way for a new process of microbial medicine?
  • Discover new possible solutions for Spike protein and e-coli related illness.
  •  Learn about the New Earth Project in Bacalar, Mexico and what is coming down the pipe line.

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