Andrew Freeman, founder of Coherence Education joins us today to share his insights into a new way of supporting our children and the way they learn. Listen in as we discuss what really matters when it comes to the skills and knowledge that will help your child thrive in the new world. We discuss the original intentions behind our conventional school system, what needs to be prioritized moving forward, the role of AI in the future of learning and how it has changed education and so much more. If you are a parent and want to support your child as much as possible you will want to tune in to this episode!


  • Is the conventional school system enough for our children today and is it possible that it could even be  detrimental?
  • What were the original goals of the conventional system of schooling?
  • Why do we need a new system of learning?
  • Learn how AI has dramatically changed the nature of education and learning for our children.
  • Discover how AI can be of greatest value for our children moving forward.
  • Discover how we can support the environment for our children to be deeply connected to the unified field of infinite possibilities.
  • Is there a specific age that your kids need to learn key concepts b y or is it more fluid?
  • What are the most valuable skills and knowledge that your children really need to learn?
  • Learn about some really amazing courses that will be offered for kids in 2024.

Prefer to watch this interview on YouTube? Check out the full episode here!

Connect with Andrew Freeman:

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