Dr. Todd joins us once again to share with us new advancements he is making with his patented laser stem cell therapies. We also discuss the Zero Point field and how to access its infinite potential, the greatest thing we can do for our children and how we individually impact the greater consciousness on the planet.


  • Take a look at some of the most cutting-edge research being done in stem cell therapies and their role in reversing the aging process.
  • Discover the process by which dormant stem cells can awaken and become activated to support any body tissue.
  •  Gain deeper understanding to what the Zero Point Field is and ways to access this infinite potential.
  • What are the most important things that we can do to support our children in these changing times?
  • Learn the greatest process you can do for yourself to get more of your brain back!
  • Gain insights into a powerful event taking place on 12, 12, 2024 in Hawaii.

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