In this episode, Osteopath, Kevin Longpre and I breakdown why their is so much confusion and polarization around the pandemic. We discuss much of the questions around the numbers, the testing and even the controversy around best interventions. Our hope is to paint a broader picture that will help everyone make an informed decision that is best for themselves and find compassion for those who’s decisions differ from our own.


  • Understand the confusion/controversy around tracking pandemic numbers.
  • Discuss some of the different interventions that were being used and are currently being used.
  • Uncover potential pros and cons to these different interventions.
  • Gain insight as to why and how “conspiracy theories” develop.
  • A look at critical questions that need to be asked after each section.

One of Kevin’s other passions was to develop educational seminars for our patient base and friends to better understand the amazing machine called the human body

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