Hi Everyone, welcome back to our show and to our first episode in our new series, Trauma Recovery – From Surviving to Thriving

In this episode we have the privilege of speaking with trauma survivor, healer and author of Trauma As Medicine, Sarah Salter-Kelly. Today she shares with us many of the incredible insights from her book that helped her and so many others heal from trauma. Join us as we discuss questions such as:

How do you trust your gut instincts… even when they have let you down in the past? How can we discern whether we are operating from fear or intuition and how does our individual journey with suffering play a role in the collective awakening of humanity?


  • Learn how to crawl out of the dark underworld of trauma
  • How to discern whether you are operating from intuition or fear
  • How to trust your “gut instincts” when they have “let you down” in the past
  • What it means to truly heal
  • Discover how our individual journey with suffering may play a role in the collective awakening of humanity


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