Nationally and internationally recognized US Government Whistleblower Cathy O’Brien sits down with us today to share with us insights from her book PTSD: Time to Heal. Join us as Cathy shares with us tools and techniques that she used to heal herself from a lifetime of sexual abuse and mind control. We discuss the pervasive impact of mind control on society, sex trafficking and the importance of staying in the conscious mind in order to heal.


  • Discover how mind control is being used on society every day.
  • Learn strategies to keep you in the conscious mind in order to heal from trauma.
  • Gain deeper understanding as to why journaling is so necessary.
  • Know when “talking it out” is actually a bad idea that could create even more harm.
  • Discover that you have everything you need within yourself to heal from trauma.

Learn the difference between trying to “love yourself” Vs. simply living the love that you are.

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