In today’s episode we bring back one of our audiences’ favorite guests, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. Dr. Todd is such a wealth of information that we had to have him back for our series on trauma recovery. Join us as Dr Todd explains the fascinating process of mind body logic and psycho emotional medicine so that we can discover the underlying primary unresolved conflict behind any illness.


  • Learn what the biggest threats to survival are.
  • Understand how trauma, if not expressed, in the moment will code in the brain and into the biology.
  • Discover how a physical problem will continue until the emotional driver of the problem is resolved.
  • Gain insight into how the perceived experience of an event is critical and that the main goal is to resolve the conflict.
  • Discover how healing a conflict within yourself can actually heal the trauma from past generations as well as future.
  • Find out some of the major emotional conflicts related to specific organs and diseases.
  • Learn how our children can develop a physical problem because they are becoming the biological solution for the unresolved conflict in their parents.


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