In today’s episode we are joined by author and psychiatrist Dr. Clare Pain. Dr. Pain helps us to better understand how trauma is specifically different from other types of strong emotions such as grief or shame. She also shares with us the impacts of sexual abuse and betrayal and she breaks down the ground breaking Adverse Childhood Events study that directly correlates specific types of childhood trauma with early all cause morbidity and mortality.


  • Gain deeper understanding PTSD.
  • Discover the importance of choice and meaning in the process of healing from trauma.
  • Insights into the importance of ones childhood in building resilience to trauma or susceptibility
  • The importance of connecting to the feeling that is going on in your body and then naming it.
  • How trauma creates a disconnection to our gut feelings.
  • Learn the necessity of developing “Emotional Literacy.”
  • Discover the healing power of grief.


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