Guy S. Needler, author of a dozen or more books including, The History of God, Beyond The Source and Psycho Spiritual Healing helps us circumnavigate our current reality and shine a light on what can be possible. Join us today as we discuss his newest book The Om: The Uncreated Creations, the difference between AI and Human intelligence, the missing link to manifestation and how collective beliefs affect our individual reality.


  • Gain insights into Guy’s new book: The OM: The Uncreated Creations.
  • Take a deeper look into the concepts of truth and falsehood.
  • Discover what the meaning of ”success” is according to our higher selves.
  • What is intelligence and how does human intelligence differ from artificial intelligence?
  • Discover the key essentials behind manifestation and how we block the process.
  • What is the best way to override our limitation programs and consciously manifest our reality?
  • Discover how the collective beliefs of society can affect our individual realities.
  • Listen to Guy’s  analysis on where we are now and what things can look like in the near  future.

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