Today author of Hidden Energy, Jeane Manning shares with us some of the Tesla inspired technology that is currently being  created. Join us as we discuss exciting new clean energy inventions, the importance of consciousness when it comes to technology as well as the dark side of technology.


  • Discover what types of Tesla-inspired energies may potentially be in our near future.
  • Learn the reasons that many of these technologies are stopped before they get a chance to make it to market.
  • Gain insights into the concept of “Moral Technology” and how technological advancement and consciousness coincide.
  • Discover a technology that could potentially cut our use of power from the grid by 50%.
  • Discover why it can be so difficult for leading edge clean energy companies to get a footing in many developed nations.
  • Discover some of the amazing inventions that have to do with water.
  • Gain insights into how technology try’s to reproduce what we are already capable of.

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