Gil shares with us insights he has gained from working with the human body through his hands-on human dissections courses in the laboratory. For years he has encouraged thousands of fellow “somanauts” to appreciate, explore and embody the wonders of human form. Today Gil helps us to rehabilitate our relationship with fat, explain how tissues of the body can act like a 6th sense, and how the interconnectedness of the human body is a mirror for the interconnectedness of our world.

Here are some highlights:

  • What is required to optimize the function of our fascia?
  • How do scars affect our bodies?
  • How our bodies and our worlds are based on interconnection.
  • How the tissues of our body actually act as a receiver of information from the world around us like a sixth sense.
  • A renewed perspective on how to look at fat.
  • The connection between fascia and our emotions.
  • The most valuable lessons and insights that Gil has learned from the human body over his years in the cadaver lab.
  • How appreciation for ourselves opens to appreciation for others and the world around us.