Do you ever feel like your life is being hijacked by your emotions, or that you keep replaying the same patterns relationships and experiences in your life over and over again?

Join me in this episode, as Ray Crist, founder of the Jaguar path shares with us how the integration of both yoga and shamanism can help us clear energy channels in the body and remove old trauma imprints or “sanskaras”, as they’re referred to in the yoga tradition. This clearing and opening of the meridians may begin your journey to a new perspective of the world filled with purpose, clarity and compassion.

Here are some highlights:

  • What is Shamanism and how is it different/similar to  conventional medicine?
  • How to work with emotional imprints, also known as Samskara, in the yogic tradition.
  • Why we get so addicted to our emotions and replay the same scenarios in our lives over and over again.
  • How are emotions related to specific organs and how yoga can help us in releasing them?
  • Where our belief systems originate from and how they can impact our lives.
  • What is true healing?