In today’s episode I break down the concept of health resilience. We explore why this is so essential in not only preventing illness and avoiding infections but absolutely necessary to live a full and joyous life. Join me today as we uncover the hidden causes of chronic disease, learn practical tools to reconnect with our body, and discover how we can build physical, mental and emotional resilience so we are not at the mercy of what our environment throws at us.


  • Learn the hidden causes to most chronic disease.
  • Discover the 5 different “bodies” of health and how they are essential to total wellness and resilience.
  • Understand how strengthening our “inner world” allows us to manage our “outer world”.
  • Learn how stress can stimulate the body to get stronger rather then weaken it.
  • Familiarize yourself with the hidden messages that your body is so desperately trying to communicate with you.