In this episode Josh Cohen, 20-year veteran in the practice and teaching of meditation, enlightens us to the benefits and nuances of meditation and mindfulness.  He shows us practical ways to integrate these skills into our daily life and explains how regular meditation can literally change our brains. He breaks down how this practice can build up our tolerance and capacity to deal with difficult emotions and challenging life circumstances. Join us today as Josh speaks of the vital benefits of meditation in modern life.

Here are some Highlights:

  • Learn the difference between mindfulness and meditation.
  • Recognize how yoga can help build mental and emotional resilience.  
  • Understand how meditation can actually increase your threshold for physical and emotional pain.
  • Learn how advice such as: ‘Get over it,’ ‘Stop crying like a baby,’ ‘Boys don’t cry,’ have been a detriment to our health and well-being.
  • Discover ways to incorporate mindfulness in your everyday.