In a rare interview today’s guest, Paulie Zink, the founder of “Yin Yoga” elaborates on the origins of his yoga style. He shares the influences that both nature and the animals have had on its development, how Yin yoga relates to healing and the 5-element theory of Chinese Medicine and how the embodiment of this experiential practice could well be the fountain of youth and health that we have all been looking for.

Here are some Highlights:

  • Understand the intention of yin yoga and how it’s different from other styles of yoga.
  • Learn why yin yoga is relevant, especially to modern Westerners and our lifestyle.
  • Discover how yin yoga relates to healing and the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine.
  • Learn how Paulie Zink’s Art of Yin Yoga is different from the yin yoga that is practiced at most studios throughout North America.