Is this generation experiencing a rise in mental health disorders or is it just an increase in awareness?

Dr Michael Meade believes that our reliance on technology has influenced this drastic increase in diagnoses but also the unbearable schedules we have designed for our children. 

In this episode Dr. Meade equips us with ways to support our children through this new reality and defend them from some of the constant stressers placed on them.

Here are some highlights from our discussion:

  • [9:04] Is your child actually not feeling well or is their anxiety triggering these feelings? Dr Meade helps us understand the nuances between a physical issue or an anxiety response in our children and how to address each situation
  • [11:25] Is there more stress now than in the past? Why is there such a jump in mental health issues?  
  • [23:00] What is the difference between ADHD and “being busy”? How can you and your school help your child be more successful by understanding your child’s individual learning needs. 
  • [39:32] Could you or your child survive a night with NO ELECTRONICS? Dr. Meade argues that is certainly is possible and a necessary break. But before you go cold turkey on the tech, listen to Dr Meade’s tip on how to introduce this in the home. 

If technology is like air to your kid, or even to yourself, you really need to listen to this episode.  The research is clear. Our well being is closely linked with our dependence to technology.  

Find out how to set yourself and your children up for success.  Dr. Michael Meade brought so many helpful insights into helping a child who is struggling with their mental health.  Join us both and listen to the episode now!