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EP12: Inspire Health Podcast with Erik Rifkin

Listen To The Latest Podcast Episode:EP12: Inspire Health Podcast with Erik Rifkin

Episode 9: The importance of play, the environment, movement and stress support for children dealing with ADHD, ASD, and Autism with Allison Rock | Inspire Health Podcast

Allison explains all the many ways that our child’s behaviour is a form of communication and that if we can listen carefully we can gain invaluable insights into their world and how to best support them.

Here are some highlights:

  • Learn Ali’s approach to balancing all parts of the whole child
  • Find out how movement helps with learning, development and behaviour
  • Is your child a “canary in the coal mine”? Learn what this means.
  • Learn strategies to optimize neuroplasticity and build new neural networks
  • How to start with your child’s strengths first and why this is so important.
  • Understand how stress, play and connection can affect learning and development
  • Join us both and listen to the episode now!