Darren Austin Hall

Today’s guest is a master sound healer, ceremonial musician and spiritual teacher. Join us in this episode as Darren Austin Hall helps us to understand the healing power of sound vibration and shares with us perspectives from the indigenous wisdom keepers as to how we can best direct our energies during this global crisis.

Show Highlights:

  • Understand how sound vibration can be used to heal your body and emotions.
  • Learn about sacred sound journeys and sound baths.
  • Gain a broader perspective into the lessons that humanity is currently going through.
  • Discover insights from the indigenous wisdom keepers as to how we can best utilize this time during our global crisis.


Darren Austin Hall is a master sound healer, ceremonial musician and spiritual teacher. He tours internationally, sharing his sacred music and his spiritual teachings in a diversity of workshops and courses. Darren trained and learned with various indigenous wisdom keepers and is devoted to the reclamation of the European indigenous identity. He was a featured performer at TEDx Toronto and is the creator of the Source Resonance Training in sound healing, sacred music & vibrational philosophy. Darren is the founder of Conscious Masculinity Toronto and has facilitated Men’s Circles for years. His Heroic Consciousness Program teaches male empowerment through working with archetypal theory. His new album, ‘Songs of Source’, featuring channeled songs and crystal singing bowls is out now. He will soon be publishing his first book of writing ‘Love’s Revolution’. His new projects are focusing on promoting eco-spiritual wisdom as a guiding light for a waking world and asserting a Gaian identity as a new universal human archetype.

Learn more about Darren’s work:

To check out more of Darren’s work and to sign up for his newsletter ‘Universal Vibrations’: www.darrenaustinhall.com.

On Instagram @darrendruid.

Darren’s acclaimed albums and music are also available widely. They can be streamed on Spotify & Apple Music.

For his full discography including his new ‘Mystical Meditations’ Guided Meditation album: https://darrenaustinhall.bandcamp.com/

Darren’s Soundcloud channel consists of his largest collection of music and also spiritual talks and his ecstatic dance DJ sets (DJ Druid): https://soundcloud.com/darren-austin-hall

Darren’s Youtube channel consists of many exciting videos of his live sacred musical performances as well as spiritual talks: https://www.youtube.com/c/darrenaustinhall

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