Learn from one of the masters in paediatric physical therapy and osteopathy. With over 40 years of clinical practice Tema shares her wisdom explaining when and why it is so important to start early intervention, the common conditions of infancy and childhood that can be corrected with osteopathic care and the most important tidbits she has learned that parents need to know.

Here are some highlights:

  • Learn how early intervention is so important to preventing a host of possible down stream problems that our kids may suffer from
  • Find out how osteopathic manual therapy can help with common conditions such as infant flat head, torticollis, gastric reflux and even eczema.
  • Understand the possible underlying cause for poor latching with newborns.
  • Learn how essential an integrative health team is in the overall well-being and care for your child.
  • Tema breaks down some of the most important Do’s and Do not’s for parents in order to raise healthy structurally an functionally sound children – you DO NOT want to miss this advice!!

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