Have you ever sat at the dinner table for hours wondering why your child won’t eat that side of peas?

Picky eating is a common battleground for parents and can lead to tears and temper tantrums for kids and parents alike!

There is a difference between trying to get your kid to eat broccoli and highly sensitive children. 

Does your child:

  • Have strong food preferences? 
  • Consume an inadequate variety of foods? 
  • Are they unwilling to try new foods?

Lauren has seen it all and helps parents of caregivers get to the root of triggering events that may be the root cause of your child’s eating disorder. 

In this podcast Lauren gives us an overview of how she helps recondition a child and their eating habits.

The important things to understand is that each child has a different process and a different approach will be taken to rewire the brain.  

The wild thing to consider is that your child might actually be percolating as a picky eater in utero!  Yes that’s right, a child may be slightly affected without you even knowing from as early as 18 weeks in utero and this could be setting the foundation for your battles at the dinner table!  Lauren breaks down her functional and physical assessment of children with suspected tongue ties so parents can catch these predispositions earlier on and save a lot of heartache for both parties. 

Here’s a snapshot of what we covered in our discussion:

  • [3:04] Is your child a picky eater or struggling with speech and developmental learning? How to know when it’s time to take your child to a Speech-Language Pathologist.
  • [11:32] What do you do if your child simply WILL. NOT. EAT?   Lauren calls this restrained eating and gives you tricks about how to rewire the brain to help the child through these standoffs. 
  • [21:05] Is your child actually scared of their meal? When is a food is “just” a food and when is it actually something they might be terrified of!? Lauren explains how when parents see a dinner plate, their child could be seeing a full-grown fear.   
  • [32:21] Lauren often finds that picky eaters sometimes suffer from being tongue-tied.  Lauren walks us through the symptoms of a tongue-tied child and how to suss out if that is a factor for your child or not.

Lauren brought so many great insights about how the function of a child tongue can affect their eating habits, and what speech and language really means. 

If you know a picky eater than I really encourage you to understand her principles here and make dinner time enjoyable again! Join us both and listen to the episode now!